The most effective way to inspect fields control wild oats

Controlling wild oats has been a critical issue for many farmers this summer as well. ATI-Teräs has designed a field moped that offers the most effective way to inspect fields and control wild oats.

Benefits of a field moped compared to walking inspections

Inspecting fields with a field moped is pleasant and efficient. Inspecting 100 hectares at 20-metre intervals, for examples, amounts to covering a total distance of 50 kilometres, and this should be done at least twice during the growing season. Our specially designed field moped features a box at the back for collecting plants, preventing wild oat seeds from falling onto the field.

The field moped has narrow tyres and sufficient ground clearance to prevent contact with the food grains. The height of the seat is optimised for inspecting the plants. The track width can be adjusted to match the tractor’s spray path. The field moped is easy to drive and climb into. It can also be operated at very low speeds to facilitate inspections or at faster speeds to maximise efficiency, depending on the situation.

Our field moped pays for itself

Our field moped pays for itself over the long term by helping to maintain the quality and quantity of the crop, making the use of perennial pesticides unnecessary and saving seed cultivation. Controlling wild oats is also part of good farming practices and is a necessary provision to secure national and EU funding. 

Our field moped is also ideally suited for general inspections of plant diseases in grain and root crop fields, extracting soil samples and harvesting.

The design of our field moped is protected.

ModelATI Field moped
Engine6.5 hp
TransmissionStepless hydraulic speed regulator
Tyres600 mm