The ATI rear blade is double-sided, knife-like, box-structured design. The blade pick-up has stepless adjustment in both directions by means of a horizontal shaft and hydraulic cylinder. Unlike channel-shaped blades, for example, the ATI rear blade does not need to be turned. The ATI rear blade features standard plough angle adjustment and a lateral adjustment cylinder.

For professional applications, a roughing blade is available for the rear blade. The roughing blade features a quick release mechanism, making it fast and easy to connect to the rear blade.

The roughing blade detaches gravel, including the surface of hard gravel roads. The roughing blade is attached to the front of the rear blade for maximum effect with the hydraulically weighted rear blade. By adjusting the grip angle to a pulling position, the rear blade can be used like a wheeled road grader, with the rear blade itself levelling out the surface.

The roughing blade allows adjustment of the ploughing angle in both directions and is available with all blade options.

The design of our rear blade is protected.

ModelATI Rear Blade
Weight kg860
Weight grader blade kg1300
Width cm300
Wing height cm73
Blade angle adjustment º± 30°
Hydraulic (demand)3 x 2-function