Excavator trailer

The ATI swivel drawbar trailer is designed to be coupled to the back of an excavator. The drawbar of the trailer swivels hydraulically to both sides, making it possible to work directly behind the excavator while the trailer runs next to the trench.

Easy to handling

Special attention has been paid in the design of the ATI-8T to make handling the trailer easy. The low overall height of the trailer and placement of the bogie in the middle of the trailer close to the centre of gravity allow for a stable and easy-to-handle trailer that is also well-suited to the urban environment due to its agility.

Torsionally rigid frame

The frame of the trailer and bed is made from S420 structural steel, while the floor of the bed is made of strong and durable 6 mm Hardox wear and abrasion resistant steel. Thanks to the Hardox steel and torsionally rigid frame, the trailer does not flex and remains sturdy even when tipping.

Precisely designed details

The ATI-8T features a hydraulic Kami tailgate as standard, the cylinder for which is protected within the frame.

The ATI-8T has an articulated swing bogie that minimises maintenance and increases the service life. The swing axle is lower than the wheel hub axles, allowing the drawbar to rise lightly and steadily over obstacles.

Excavator trailer model is protected.