The ATI road dragger has a sturdy tubular frame with one hydraulically adjustable release blade on each side. The running angle of the blades can be hydraulically turned on the vertical axis, which also adjusts the width of the dragger.

A levelling blade is situated at the back of the road dragger to spread the material removed by the front blades back onto the road. The running angle and height of the levelling blade can be adjusted hydraulically and independently of each other. The rear wheel adjusts the height of the back end of the dragger behind the frame.

The road dragger is attached to a tractor’s drawbar by means of a swivel towbar, which allows tilting and towing. The road dragger’s high towing point provides optimal dragging power and contact with the road surface.

A wheel packer is available as an option to compact the levelled road surface. When equipped with a wheel packer, the height and lateral inclination of the rear end of the road dragger are adjusted hydraulically by the cylinders within the wheel packer.

The design of our road dragger is protected.

ModelATI-Road dragger
Weight kg3000
Width (min/max) cm245-400
Length cm660
Wing height cm58
Hydraulic (demand)1 x 2-function