Hieta-Heikki gritter buckets are pendulum-based gritters designed for demanding professional applications. Thanks to an adjustable hydraulic motor, the moving base plate spreads grit across an area approximately 0.5 to 0.7 metres wider than the bucket, making it easier to avoid poles and traffic signs.

The pendulum-base design withstands impacts from rocks and other debris well and has proven to be extremely reliable. Grit consumption can be controlled by changing the gap between the base plate and tank or by changing the speed of rotation.

Hieta-Heikki gritter buckets can be attached to the tractor’s rear linkage, where they are self-loading by means of a connecting rod and hydraulic cylinder, or they can be attached to the front loader with a separate adapter.

ModelHieta-­Heikki 400Hieta-­Heikki 500Hieta-­Heikki 600Hieta-­Heikki 800Hieta-­Heikki 1000Hieta-­Heikki 1200
Weight kg170190220300330370
Width mm130016001900190019001900
Working width mm (approx)180022002500250025002500
Length mm75075075090010001100
Height mm80080080095010501150
Hopper capasity, litres40050060080010001200
Hydraulic (demand)2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function
Front liftingoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional