Steel know-how

Since 1988

ATI-Teräs Oy was founded in 1988 and is based in Jokioinen, Tavastia Proper, Finland. ATI-Teräs Oy offers its services and versatile machinery for the marine, automotive and construction industry sectors, to name a few, as well as its subcontracting and contract manufacturing.
ATI-Teräs Oy offers and delivers products from Jokioinen across Finland and other Nordic countries.

Our services

Versatile know-how

Contract manufacturing

We manufacture parts and equipment as contract manufacturers for direct delivery to the customer.

3D scanning

3D scanning is a cost-effective method to store the measured product in 3D form for further processing.

Shot blasting

We use steel shot blasting for our own products as well as complete packages delivered to us.

Plasma cutting

Our modern machinery ensures cost-effective and fast delivery times for all products.

Metal bending

We supply high-quality, dimensionally accurate bent parts according to your drawings.


We participate in customer projects from the beginning, utilising the latest design software and our expert staff.

Our products

High-quality work machinery for demanding applications

ATI-Teräs Oy sells and manufactures machinery that can be mounted to a tractor such as lifting gear, front-mounted, and rear-mounted gritters for roads and yards. We operate under the brand names Hieta-Heikki and ATI. Our own products also include road draggers and inspection vehicles – i.e., field mopeds – that are used to inspect grain and root crop fields and remove waste oats.

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