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Contract manufacturing 

Our cost-effective engineering workshop provides contract manufacturing services to industry. We offer reliable contract manufacturing of parts, subassemblies, machines and equipment to customers in a variety of sectors. We take care of manufacturing the necessary components and machines so you can focus on your core business.

We provide our expert services and contract manufacturing as a complete package, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency. Our engineering workshop in Jokioinen, Finland, is responsible for the contract manufacturing of machinery and equipment, including demanding welding, shot blasting, surface treatments and extensive assembly work. 

Parts manufacturing

Our plasma cutting and oxyfuel cutting machines guarantee cost-effective and fast parts manufacturing with the highest cutting accuracy.

Our 320-tonne brake press in turn enables metal bending of even thicker plate materials. Its working width of 4.2 metres also enables us to manufacture long uniform pieces.

We also offer versatile sawing services on a flexible schedule. Our sawing capacity ranges from small pieces to 724 x 424 mm.

We have years of experience in manufacturing various types of steel structures. Our specialised expertise covers sheet metal work and welded joints.

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Shot blasting

We use steel shot blasting for our own products and components delivered to us.

Shot blasting is performed in an enclosed space where the steel shot is blown onto the part using compressed air. This method removes surface impurities, such as rust or mill scale.

Shot blasting provides optimal surface roughness for painting.

Design services

We use the latest design software together with technical calculations and calculation software to support the design of machinery and equipment. Our design services are also available by themselves without manufacturing.

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