As with Hieta-Heikki gritter buckets, ATI gritter buckets are equipped with an adjustable pendulum base that spreads grit approximately 0.5 to 0.7 metres wider than the bucket.

ATI gritter buckets attach to the rear linkage as standard and are self-loading by means of a hydraulic cylinder between the gritter bucket and the three-point linkage.

ATI gritter buckets can also be used with a loader by means of an adapter.

ModelATI 10ATI 15ATI 18ATI 20ATI 25ATI 30
Weight kg390540630700735850
Width mm190019001900210021002100
Working width, mm (approx)250025002500270027002700
Length mm95011501300130015001550
Height mm95012001300130015001700
Hopper capacity, litres100015001800200025003000
Hydraulic (demand)2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function2 x 2-function1 x 2-function1 x 2-function