Over 30 years of steel know-how

ATI-Teräs Oy is a Finnish company founded in 1988 and based in Jokioinen. ATI-Teräs utilises a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment to provide steel-related services to the marine, automotive and construction industries, for example, as well as contract manufacturing for engineering workshops. The company’s sales and deliveries cover the entire Nordic region.

ATI-Teräs has solid expertise in cutting, bending, perforating and welding steel. The company’s core competencies in subcontracting are steel structures and other metal work for ships, metal frame structures for buildings, galvanising lines for nails, and connecting parts used in the production of vehicle bodies.

Own production

ATI-Teräs manufactures and sells its own range of tractor implements, including Hieta-Heikki and ATI tractor-mounted gritter buckets and gritter trailers, swivel drawbar trailers, excavator trailers, road draggers, rear blades and multi-purpose grapples, as well as field mopeds that are used for inspecting fields and controlling wild oats.

The quality of ATI-Teräs Oy’s operations has been acknowledged by the title of Company of the Year in Jokioinen in 2000, InnoSuomi’s Certificate of Merit in 2003 for our field moped innovation, and our AAA (Triple-A) credit rating.


Our facilities

  • Site 2.5 ha
  • Workshop 1,510 m²; 20.6 x 72.6 m, free height 6.6 m
  • Equipped with two 10 t overhead cranes, lifting heights of 5.5 m
  • Workshop 625 m²; 12.5 x 50 m, free height 4.5 m
  • Office and social facilities 210 m²
  • Cold storage 250 m², free height 4.5 m

Our equipment

ATI-Teräs Oy utilises a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment that enables us to perform a variety of engineering tasks with the highest quality and efficiency. The company’s facilities cover more than 1700 square metres in Jokioinen, Finland.

Plasma cutting system Hypertherm HPR130 2 x 6 m 130 A Oxyfuel cutting machine Microstep 2 x 6 m
Oxyfuel cutting machine 1.5 x 6 cm Oxyfuel cutting machine Cadet
Sheet metal cutter CNC 12 / 4000 Press brake CNC 4200 / 320 t
Press brake 2500 / 100 t
Automatic band saw Shark 400 CNC FE S
Semi-automatic band saw cap. 724 x 424 NC-controlled
Semi-automatic band saw cap. 325 x 280 NC-controlled
Circular saw with 315 mm blade
Ironworker, hydraulic 80 / 150 t
Bending machine, tube / solid material
Horizontal press
Motorised profile bending machine

Plate rolling machine 6 x 1700 mm
Plate rolling machine 12 x 2500 mm
Column drilling machine MK3 crossfeed table
Column drilling machine MK3
Radial drilling machine MK5 / 1000
Radial drilling machine MK5 / 1500
Radial drilling machine MK5 / 2650
Magnetic drill
Centre lathe Ø 7000 on guides / 2500 mm
Centre lathe Ø 380 on guides / 1000 mm
Broaching drill machine TOS W9
Welding machines 350 – 500 A
Spot welding machine 400 A
High-pressure paint sprayers 2 pcs
HandySCAN 700 laser measuring equipment
SolidWorks design software