The ATI multi-purpose grapple is an entirely new type of solution for a wide range of applications: it is designed to attach to the tractor’s front loader or other implement.

Our multi-purpose grapple has a rigid frame with 80 mm curved lower spikes made of welded wear plate.

The grapple has an articulated upper frame with curved upper spikes that swivel by means of idler arms. With the upper frame fully extended, the opening of the upper and lower spikes is two metres. When the upper frame is fully retracted, the grapple can firmly grip a round pole with a diameter of just 200 mm. In this position, the upper spikes wrap under the frame and do not come into contact with the ground.

The width of the ATI multi-purpose grapple is 1800 mm. It can be used for handling a wide range of objects, such as fieldstones, branches, trees, poles, fodder and manure. Thanks to the swivel spikes, the objects remain firmly gripped without risk of dropping.

The design of our multi-purpose grapple is protected.

ModelATI Multi-purpose Grapple
Weight kg495
Width cm180
Length of lower spikes cm90
Max opening cm200
Hydraulic (demand)1 x 2-function