Gritter trailers with a unibody hopper

ATI-2500, ATI-4000, ATI-6000 and ATI-8000 gritter trailers feature a unibody hopper with a capacity of 2500, 4000, 6000 and 8000 litres, respectively.

The ATI-2500 gritter trailer is designed for demanding professional applications.

The ATI-2500 gritter trailer is equipped with an adjustable pendulum base that spreads the grit approximately 0.5 to 0.7 metres wider than the gritter. The pendulum-base design withstands impacts from rocks and prevents caking from jamming the gritter. The caking remains on the bottom so it can easily be removed by opening the bottom plate.

The ATI-2500 gritter trailer can be equipped with a top grate installed on top of the sides, making it easy to remove caking that does not penetrate the grate.

All ATI gritter trailers are equipped with a rotating support for the hydraulic hoses and electric wiring.

ModelATI 2500
Weight kg730
Width cm200
Working width cm (approx.)250
Length cm (bogie + container)150+195
Height cm175
Container capacity, litres2500
Hydraulic (demand)1 x 2-function
Feeder openingManual